5 May 2012

Hmm...well, it's been a while, I see.

I recently got inspired by a friend to play around in Illustrator...I've always been intrigued by it but afraid to play around. I figured I'd try something simple, and already I've picked up quite a bit. Zodiacs are something I've always been interested in, and a fun little book I've had for ages helped me put these posters together. I also think they might look good as little cards. The most fun was in drawing the signs.

And because I'm a Pisces, it was the first one I tried and probably the one I thought the hardest about; mostly this project was about colour schemes as recommended by my book, but if anyone out there has any recommendations for their own sign, I'd be happy to hear them. I feel a couple of these may be lacking.

11 September 2010

Lighting progress

I'm back again! What I've been working on hasn't been animation, actually, but I thought I would try out some lighting (and texturing, too, it so happened). I used one of Jeremy Birn's lighting challenges, and intend to do a few more, perhaps. This is just a rough render of how I've got it so far, but the final gathering is probably a little too much and I need to smooth out those shadows. I just wanted to see some results after so much work, y'know? =P

Any of your comments or suggestions would be more than welcome and greatly appreciated. Thanks guys!

Oh yeah - and I redesigned the blog again! What do y'all think? Green is awesome.

2 August 2010

Fiddlin' around

Hey gang! So it's been a quiet summer for me, as much as I had hoped otherwise...let's just say that I was taking a break after all that hard schoolwork. =P Now I'm spending more time at home, and making my desktop computer more comfortable. I was updating some user icons in various places when I discovered this computer's font library is lacking Century Gothic, which led to a several-hour-long font-downloading spree, which led to me wanting to flex my graphic design-y impulses.

So here's a completely-irrelevant-to-animation business card! Except that it says 'animation' on it. As much as I love my doggy...I don't know how fond I am of the card anymore. Plus it came out pretty dark. So maybe I will get this one printed as well someday.

It was fun to make, just started with my name and took off from there. I love playing with graphic design stuff. =3 Maybe I should've taken that in school instead...XD Also, thinking I should probably get a more professional-looking e-mail address. Why I have resisted thus far, I do not know.

Just thought I would share that I'm not dead...and, really, I will be working on my reel soon!

7 May 2010

3D Demo Reel 2010


I actually plan to work more on this over the summer, as I have a BRAND SPANKIN' NEW computer to do it on. =D Would love to show more animation clips, maybe just grab some dialogue and the Max rig again, but I'm happy I got to create my own characters!

This will be on display at the Harbour Centre in Vancouver at our GRADSHOW tonight! From 5-9, we're welcoming reps from the industry, and Saturday will be our friends & family day, from 12-4. =D

4 May 2010

Pretty Colours!*

*Because this is all I heard from my classmates upon seeing them. XD

Thought I'd share these designs I printed up as posters for my grad booth. The top two were printed in a 13"x19" size and the long ones were 11.5"x40" banners. Whoo! Nice and big. Currently being displayed at the Harbour Centre downtown as we put them all up last Sunday, and they'll be there until this Saturday. I'm so nervous, but I also can't wait! Hopefully there will be a big studio presence on industry night. =3

I also made some 1.25" buttons, which I'm very pleased with. Might share those designs too, in a little bit. I want more and more to invest in my own button maker. XD

8 April 2010

Posed Renders!

Some renders! Posed ones! Finally.

Posed these out sort of panicky last Thursday in a rushed attempt to get something on my grad page. But I think I'm really happy with how everything is working. =D It was kind of a pain to get that sitting pose for the doggy, though, I basically had to just reshape the model in ZBrush, which was painful for a while. But hey, he's pretty cute. =3

EDIT: Realized the doggy's ears weren't in motion in his 'chasing tail' pose. Just a quick change!

Also, here is a painted (very roughly) version of the concept art I did for the hunter. Posted it on my deviantART but forgot to throw it up here. Thought I'd share. =3

11 March 2010

Just a quick doodle I knocked off tonight, just as some sort of concept stuff for my character design pack due next week, and I felt like sharing. Very Caesar-y, of course. I like it. =3